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Atmospheric, poetic rap

" The most intriguing new Belgian electro band "

Glauque are not the first band attempting to blur the frontiers between electronic music and hip-hop, and doing so with a French-speaking voice. Many contemporary artists in France and Belgium have chosen these two genres to make music and express themselves, and some of them have even had great chart success. Glauque do their own thing, though. It’s perceivable in their keen sense of aesthetics, in their poetic lyrics and of course in their music itself, which is dark and tender, intimate and rebellious, atmospheric and striking.

These five young men (including two brothers) come from various locations in Wallonia, the Southern region of Belgium where French is the primary language. They are currently based in Namur, the region’s capital. They were born in the Nineties and draw their influences from a varied musical upbringing, which included rock, classical music, rap and electronic music, and all of which still fuel their creativity. Glauque were founded in late 2017 and released their first song, Robot, in the winter of 2018, followed by Planethe following summer. These intriguing songs have undeniable quality: they make you want to hear more from this collective. 

To quench our thirst, they released a self-titled EP in March 2020, via their own label, Ecluse (distributed by Caroline). On the cover, they illustrate the two definitions of the French word Glauque: a bluish-green colour (they have added a brush of paint to illustrate that), or an adjective meaning ‘seedy’, or ‘shady’. We don’t think there’s much shade to be found in what promises to be an  incredibly bright, promising future for these five artists.