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Hyphen Hyphen

Hyphen Hyphen



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Metronomy, Kanye West, Phoenix


Infectious electro-pop

" Energetic hits from the French Riviera with no barriers "

And then there were three. Like an Agatha Christie plot, the number of band members in Hyphen Hyphen has recently been reduced when their drummer Zac decided to leave. The former four-piece is now a trio, but their impressive energy stays the same. What with the release of their second album, HH (after the initials of their band name), in May 2018, their promotional duties and the never-ending list of tour dates during the upcoming months, the remaining members (singer Santa, guitarist Adam and bass player Line) have an eventful year ahead of them.


Hyphen Hyphen is a nice band from Nice. Their story began like many others in music: they became friends in high school and started a band in 2009. Their music picks up the torch from some of the best electro-pop bands (to name but a few, Metronomy, Phoenix). In 2016, they won the Best New Live Act award at the Victoires de La Musique ceremony and they deserved to be rewarded for their powerful live performances. Three years after their first album, Times, and two years after its rerelease with a live album, Times and Places, they recently came back with a brand new single with a feminist message, “Like Boys”. They also haven’t forgotten one of their most singular characteristics: their tribal make-up. On the cover and in the video, they have drawn black lines underlining their eyes, like war paint to remain strong in all situations — listening to their music has the same empowering effect.