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It's Everyone Else

Elektro, Punk / Slowenien (Ljubljana/Leipzig)
It's Everyone Else


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Atari Teenage Riot, Nine Inch Nails


Synthetic demolition derby

" A girl and a guy, bashing out cathartic glitchery on a pair of synths. "

There’s just two of them but my, oh my, what a racket they make! Pika and Lucijan twist synths, screams and samples into an unholy concoction of glitches, noise and good old hardcore attitude. Fuelled by anguish, they find catharsis in the pandemonium surrounding a core of pure emotion, allowing for tenderness in midst of all the aggression. Playing off of each other, building and tearing down song structures in tandem while exchanging vocal duties, they can go heavy, fast, gentle or pissed off. Sounds good? You bet, but it’s nothing compared to the live performance.

Rather than staying aloof on stage, the duo prefers to set up below, in the muck and grime of the pit, surrounded by those who dare venture close enough. And even if no one is that brave, they bring the fury to the crowd, cutting through it like a knife through butter, screaming their lungs out along the way. Those who see them for the first time are understandably startled, but join in the chaotic fun soon enough. And when it’s all over and the lights come on, it’s not uncommon to see people standing around, looking dazed and trying to comprehend the awesomeness they just witnessed.

Need more proof? It was on the strength of their performance at the Waves Vienna festival that they were signed to Austrian label Noise Appeal. Now with their third album, Heaven Is An Empty Room, in tow they’re ready to raise hell once again.