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Pop, Rock / Deutschland (Dresden)



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My Bloody Valentine, Lush, Pretty Girls Make Graves



" Epic, shoegaze noise "

Wash away your pains in a colourful array of dreamy shoegaze, noise-pop. A sound blessed full of melody, post-rock shimmerings, and delightful pop charm. It’s the combination of Oyemi Hessou on bass, Lemmy Fischer on guitars, Christoph Krenkel on drums, and lots and lots of guitar effects and pedals. Formed somewhere between Dresden and Berlin (let’s just say Germany), and signed to Hamburg’s Tapete Records, the interplay between the female and male lead vocals, along with pummelling basslines and oversaturated, flamboyant guitars make a stunning amalgamation of modern rock music.

The trio’s debut album, Ringthing, was released in 2018, an LP that runs the balance of blissful pop, and supercharged emo, shoegaze wave. The likes of My Bloody Valentine are referenced heavily when discussing the band’s output — and for good reason. Live, the band come armed with a heady selection of vintage and modern guitar amps and pedals. The latter of which cover over the entire stretch of the stage, providing a cacophonous wall of echo, reverb, and noise — creating a literal wave of harmonious resonance.

But more than the wavey guitars, and comparisons to 80s noise-legends, there is a deep understanding of contemporary pop that shines through the band’s music, and aesthetics. Between Lemmy’s hair that flows across his face and across his guitar array, and Oyemi’s pacifying smile, Jaguwar create an inviting ambience that has the upbeat pomp of early Björk, the gnarly growl of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and the songwriting nuance of The Beatles. An under-appreciated act that know how to perform live, and create a literal buzz wherever they turn, Jaguwar are brining a whole new current of colour to German’s music scene.