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Indie rock radio Top 100

" The most English indie band from Slovenia. "

You know those wavy lines in cartoons or comic books, usually denoting that a character has been hit by a powerful sonic blast from a loudspeaker or the like? Well, that’s kind of what it feels like when Jardier frontman Alex Raztresen opens his mouth and unleashes his pipes during a chorus – an unexpected, soulful wave of vocals washing over you and bathing you in melancholic beauty. And in such perfect English that even Brits have no idea he comes from a small town in south-eastern Slovenia!

Jardier started off as Alex’s solo project, with the simple aim of making an album. But that record needed to be played live, so Alex formed a band, featuring several veterans of the national music scene. Together, they play catchy rock hits, tinged with folky charm and powered by Alex’s world-weary lyrics, and local radio stations were quick to snap them up. No wonder – like indicated above, when their songs come on, you have to keep reminding yourself that this is an up-and-coming Slovenian band, not some household rock name from abroad.

The individual members’ years of concert experience mean they handle themselves very well on stage as well, as witnessed by a packed house at the ESNS festival in 2018. Following the release of their polished debut album and having firmly established themselves at home, Jardier now seem to have their sights set on foreign lands. The ingredients are there, so don’t be surprised when the next English rock band you hear on your radio is a Slovenian one.