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Kid Moxie

Elektro, Pop / Griechenland (Athens)
Kid Moxie



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Angelo Badalamenti, Chromatics, Miss Kittin


Cinematic pop, synth-pop

" Nocturnal trips in glacial synth pop territories "

In her Facebook account, Kid Moxie describes her music as cinematic pop. An absolutely fitting description since she carves out eerie and post-apocalyptic sounds that seemingly soundtrack the nocturne landscape of any western metropolis. Originally from Athens, Greece, the talented musician and actress (aka Elena Charbila) shares her time between Athens and Los Angeles, California, dividing herself between music and acting but in both ways devoted to creativity.

Her album, Selector (2009), released in Undo Records, put her immediately in the spotlight and, from there, Kid Moxie shot for stars; acting alongside Al Pacino and Malcolm McDowell, writing film music, working with The Gaslamp Killer on her sophomore album, 1888 (2014), as well as the acclaimed Twin Peaks composer Angelo Badalamenti on a new haunting version of “Mysteries Of Love”.

It is impossible to squeeze everything she’s done in just a few lines. Just listen to her music which is equal parts enigmatic, desolate, gloomy and yet radiant, her vintage cinematic sounds recall the works of John Carpenter. Especially her newest release, Perfect Shadow (West One Music Group), a synthy, cinematic pop gem topped off by her always irresistible vocals.