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Urban singer-songwriter, Woozy urban pop-blues

" The voice of Millennial woe "

It might be hard to believe, but Archy Marshall, aka King Krule, is already a veteran aged just 24. The musician, poet, and artist has been releasing music under a variety of monikers since he was 14, attracting no end of critical acclaim along the way. A modern urban street urchin full of outsider angst, he specializes in murky, dystopian soundscapes that are the perfect soundtrack for the frustration and political disenchantment felt by many Millennials since the financial crisis of 2008; it’s no surprise he’s oft been hailed as the voice of a lost generation.

From post-punk jams to woozy, downtempo dubstep and jazz-inflected hip hop, his production skills are every bit the equal of his songwriting chops. He crafts the sort of thick, grey-skies music that capture feelings of anxiety and loneliness, a sickly unease that’s matched by his warm, deep croon; an alternative, pop-blues for the 21st Century. His album, THE OOZ, is a masterpiece – rich grooves swim through an alluring haze, keeping pace with lyrical abstractions and pointed social observations. It’s also a document of his own stuggles with depression and insomnia, a compelling trip through his inner consciousness and the fears of everyone under 30.

Marshall has that rare talent; making music that sounds timeless, and yet is utterly of its time. Few have tapped into the underground and repurposed its mood as effectively, and it’s entirely fitting that he’s ended up as the poster boy for a wave of talent bubbling under mainstream radar.