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Animal Collective, Four Tet


Audio collage of psychedelic pop and mishmash jazz

" A beautiful chaos created by a mixture of obscure sample-based sounds. "

Greek musician Panagiotis Melidis took the name Larry Gus in 2006, going into solo electronic music production after the disbandment of his punk duo, Ginger. Now far less inspired by punk, his solo musical adventure draws inspiration from loop-improvisation, resulting in a kaleidoscopic creation of obscure dream pop and noise pop beats, jazz sounds, psychedelic rhythms and afrobeat.

He named his project after the Greek word “larigas”, which roughly translates as “larynx”, and it serves his new artistic vision fine: writing music that moves between diffused drifts of electronic waves and skittering programming, while delivering expansive emotions.

Lary Gus’ first solo release, Stitches, was released in 2009 through the Cast-A-Blast label. Following live gigs, remixes and compilation appearances, he signed with DFA Records. Silent Congas was released digitally in 2012, followed by Years Not Living in 2013.

Two years later, he issued his third LP, I Need New EyesLess sample-heavy than his previous works), it’s more like a lyrical essay on failure. It’s hard to understand why a song like the self-pitying opener, ‘The Black Veil of Fail’, was written by the only Greek artist to be courted by DFA, but presumably this artistic anxiety is part of the biorhythmic chaos in Larry Gus’ mind. Even when his music flirts too much with obscurity, resulting in less straightforward and more shambolic atmospherics, it is still daring and expansive.