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Girl rocking the piano

" Unique raspy voice and piano playing: a killer combination. "

It can be tricky to start your own solo career when you’re the daughter of a famous musician. But Lenny, whose mother is the well known Czech singer and guitarist Lenka Filipova, has managed well, it must be said. Filipova led her daughter to love music but even when she took her to perform with her on tours through Europe, Australia, America and Canada, she never pushed her into the spotlight; she allowed her to absorb the musical lifestyle, gain experience and make the decision of what to become by herself. It proved to be the ideal way to nurture Lenny into becoming one of the Czech Republic’s most promising young singer-songwriters.


Now in her early 20s, she sings, composes and play piano. Ironically, while she writes or co-writes her songs, it was a cover of ‘All My Love’ which kickstarted her career in 2013. It didn’t matter that it didn’t show off her skills as songwriter, though – her unique raspy voice was enough to garner critical acclaim, heavy radio rotation and a growing fanbase. And it was thanks to that single that Lenny was named Best Breakthrough Act at the Anděl Awards.

Since than she has released two EPs, completed her three-year songwriting studies at London’s British Institute of Modern Music and started working on her debut album. Hearts was released in September 2016 and was followed by a sold-out tour, which earned rave reviews – as did the record itself. It offers a broad variety, from calm melodies to energetic moments, from melancholic lyrics to brisk statements. Having said that, the LP works as a whole, with the songs forming a compact, balanced unit where nothing serves as filler.