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Experimental girl-boy-pop

" Leyya don't reinvent experimental electropop, but they vastly expand its vocabulary. "

Remember Muse? How some said they were just a cheap Radiohead rip-off? And how they’ve become stars in their own right? Sometimes it’s difficult to pin down that special quality which separates a band from mere copycats. Leyya could’ve been a sound-a-like in chilly, bedroom electro-pop, but the duo adds a couple of special ingredients to an established sound. That’s why they sound so accessible while offering different layers of depth.

Leyya, above all, are very good musicians, who are able to transcend common formulas. Yes, they do sing about wolves with that blasé voice echoing through an icy factory hall, their synths are brittle, their videos feature harsh mountain ranges, running, windy hair, cars, urban desolation, and all that.

But listen for more than a minute and you’ll discover iridescent flutes, dream pop breaks, unexpected drum rolls, Kate Bush vocals, captivating sound design and sophisticated song building. What others hire a top notch producer for – tiny details and a recognizable album sound – they’re doing on their own. And while staying true to their experimental aims, they’re not afraid to write fast-paced pop songs such as ‘Superego’. Live, they try to avoid playback and expand the duo into a quartet. Gigs at Great Escape, Eurosonic, Reeperbahn and Waves Vienna made quite a splash.