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Indie pop rock, folk pop

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Finnish-born and Berlin-based songstress Lxandra was groomed in the moody atmosphere of her hometown, the small island of Suomenlinna, and delved into art at an early age. By her teens, she was attending the music high school Tölö Specialiseringsgymnasium, in nearby Helsinki, where she began writing her own songs, before relocating to Germany and signing with Island Records.  From her debut singles, “Flicker” and the warm piano ballad “Hush Hush Baby”, it was evident that Lxandra sees herself as a ‘pop’ poet, churning away at the darker recesses of her soul. Some of this may be due to her young age as well as her Nordic folk roots.

Lxandra makes beautiful pop music with big hooks and lush production. Her powerful new track “Dig Deep”, while created long before the #MeToo movement, couldn’t be more relevant. Its touch upon folk and electro-pop along with its message serves as a bittersweet treat in due of her debut album, which will be released later this year. Lxandra also favours an almost tragic romanticism, accentuated with her soulful voice and electro-tinged sound, all wrapped in a sad shimmer where all is alluring but broken. Her music contains an early Lana Del Ray-like sultry and wasted stylisation, combined with an Adele-esque refined approach that puts her somewhere in the middle. And this is not a small thing.