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Matthew S

Elektro / Italien (Vicenza)
Matthew S



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Modeselektor, Max Cooper


human software for technological electronics

" Electronic colors, house of sounds "

Matthew S is a music producer, sound designer, remixer and live performer from Vicenza, in northern Italy. In reality, he is a true chemist of electronic music. Electronic music that he began to approach in 2006, with his first EP and other projects. He chose to focus on electronic music because it can absorb various stylistic influences. It’s a kind of music that lives on continuous contaminations. Attention: Matthew S is also professor of Live Ableton and Live Set at the Istituto Musicale Veneto in Thiene and at the PanthaRhei in his Vicenza. He started performing live with Ableton sampling sounds of every type in order to get a whole library of original and self-produces resonances. We could go on with technical details specifying that he also uses custom mapped controllers, such as Ableton Push.

But let’s go back to the music: Call Me By Your Name (yes, like the following succesful movie by Luca Guadagnino), was out in 2015, made in collaboration with the fashion designer Von Felthen. In addition to these satisfactions, Matthew S was then selected by MTV for Best New Generation 2015, winning the title at the MTV Digital Days in the same year, and in 2016 he became Artist Ambassador for Artruria, one of the main brands in the world of music’s hardware and software. Since 2016, he began to publish with INRI, a label from Turin, releasing some singles, the EP Inside and, in mid-June 2018, his first proper album, titled not by chance First, moving between fresh and multi-color house rhythms, ambient atmospheres and various guests at the vocal lines. The experimentation will never end.