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Nive Nielsen

Folk, Pop / Greenland (Nuuk)
Nive Nielsen



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Inuit indie

" A singer-songwriter to melt your frozen heart "

If you sat and wrote the story of Nive Nielsen, it would be rejected for being too fantastic to be true. An Inuk from Nuuk, Greenland, the singer-songwriter has had a charmed career. Her first ever gig was playing to the Queen of Denmark, on a live TV broadcast. She starred in the Terrence Malick drama The New World opposite Colin Farell. Having worked with legends such a Howe Gelb, John Parish, and The Black Keys, she’s won awards and toured all over the world. Oh, and she sometimes sings in her native language and plays a small red ukulele.

Sounds like a Disney film, right? The wonderful world of Nive Nielsen is a particularly optimistic place, and not just because of the bright indie folk and wistful tales she’s famous for. Alongside her band The Deer Children she crafts down-to earth, winsome songs that are simple yet beautiful; “little songs” she calls them. Kooky too, with plenty of off-kilter charm and song titles like ‘Vacuum Cleaner Killer’ and ‘Pirate Song’.

As a storyteller and writer she’s second to none, characters and plots spilling out of her music. Timeless you might say, to go along with her music and soft murmur that melts like honey all over her pretty melodies and strumming. It’s cold up there in Greenland, but Nielsen has the warmth to melt even the most frosty skeptic; this is feelgood music at it’s most potent.