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Elektro, Pop / Polen (Warsaw)



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Psychedelic, neo-hippie, dream pop

" Psychedelia combined with electronics, indie and dream pop, so 60s defined anew. "

The 60s successfully returned to the festival stages around the world. Of course we are talking about psychedelia, in which you can also find influences of indie, experimental music or dream pop, thanks to bands like Tame Impala or MGMT. At a time when it seems that young bands are grabbing less analogue instruments, there are projects heavily inspired by music from half a century ago. One of them is NiXes, which does not wander blindly into the realm of the original psychedelia, but redefines it in its own way, with great sensitivity.

NiXes is made up of vocalist Ania Rusowicz, her husband Hubert Gasiul and Kuba Galinski. It is the figure of Rusowicz who stands out in the first place when listeners meet NiXes. The vocalist already gained considerable popularity due to her solo project, to which she stylistically referred as “the big beat and blues”. An important role in the artistic route that Rusowicz chose was played by her parents. Ada Rusowicz, her mother, was a talented vocalist, and Wojciech Korda, her father, is well-known Polish guitarist and composer.

In 2017, Rusowicz decided to start a new project. NiXes is not only inspired by the past, it is a fresh and refined sound, in which echoes of the 60s are strong, but they are not the most important here. The incredible catchiness of all 10 compositions included on the band’s debut album is something that has not been present in Polish guitar music for a long time. The melodiousness of the songs is combined with a noncommittal lightness that makes the music of NiXes seem to suit every circumstance. Listening to this album makes you feel like leaving the house and run, no matter where to.

The debut album of NiXes has been well received by critics, but the band itself, despite of the popular singer in a crew, is still unknown. One of the reasons for this situation is the niche in which the band is on the Polish music market. This makes NiXes not only an interesting surprise, but also a band that can not be mistaken for any other since their debut.

The work of NiXes is not limited to music from the past. You can easily hear electronic inspirations (“Don’t You Wanna”, “Galaxy Sounds”) or dream pop (“Circles”) on the band’s first album. Let’s hope that NiXes will become more and more popular. Their music deserves to reach the largest audience possible.