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Pyramid Suns

Rock / Malta (Malta)
Pyramid Suns



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Wolfmother, Jimi Hendrix


Set the controls for the heart of the sun

" A heady mix of prog, psychedelia and the blues delivered with an alternative twist. "

“Our music has a rounded kind of pointy sound,” is how Pyramid Suns usually describe the songs they write. Quizzical as that phrase may seem at first, it starts to make sense after listening to their music. A blend of various elements melded together in a manner that flies in the face of convention, theirs is a sound with plenty of rock edge. Their debut self-titled EP, released in March 2016, manages to both capture and project this edge through the engaging blend of solid rhythms and weaving grooves in the space of just three tracks. What is all the more special about Pyramid Suns is the pronounced retro vibe underpinning their grooves.

Delivered with fresh energy and indelibly shaped by prog and psychedelic elements, their song structures suggest a maturity that belies the band’s tender years. Try to imagine then, all of the above, and add to it a hefty blues kick that gives their sound added oomph, even more so when the band performs live. Influenced by an interesting (and diverse) array of acts – Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Camel and Zappa among them – Pyramid Suns successfully extract the essence of their influences to create a hard-rocking sound all their very own.