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Indie Rock, Punk Rock

" The refreshing simplicity of rock 'n' roll "

Ever feel like it’s all gotten a bit too… not too much, exactly, but perhaps too saturated? Not just with music – overproduced, overwrought, overhyped, blared through a fog of trendy terms and hashtags from whichever screen is flashing at you at any given moment – but life in general? I mean, if you’re reading this in 2020, just look at the year we’ve been having so far. Stuff has been happening, man, and lots of it.

In times like these, when you’re bombarded from all sides, something simple and to the point might be all you need, something to cut through the noise – ironically doing so with a whole lotta noise. Šajzerbiterlemon are just that: a straightforward, no posturing, no bullshit garage-rock trio that knows you can accomplish a lot by doing less. For example, the latest single off of their 2019 debut album, the aptly named ‘Metak’ (‘Bullet’), is the perfect calling card, hitting you with scuzzy riffs, shouty singalongs and the youthful abandon that often results in bad decisions and great memories.

The trio is the latest of such wild bands to crop up in Belgrade, steeped in musical heritage yet distinguished by rough-hewn beginnings, DIY persistence and a craving to learn, grow and evolve into something big. Their sound might not be the #fresh new thing on the block, but it’s certainly refreshing. Right now, that’s exactly what the doctor ordered.