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Super Besse

Punk, Rock / Weißrussland (Minsk)
Super Besse



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Joy Division, Interpol, New Order


Death disco for the disenfranchised

" If Ian Curtis had grown up behind the Iron Curtain "


Many have attempted to take on the legacy and style of Joy Division. Almost all have failed. But Belarus’ own Super Besse have concocted something that goes beyond mere homage, a collection of songs that repurpose the past in new ways, stamped with their own personality and youthful exuberance. No doubt informed by their home country’s history behind the Iron Country, there’s a stark, austere mood behind all they create, but just like Ian Curtis & co, they have an uncanny sense timing, space, and when to tease out the tension.

You can call it coldwave, you can call it post-punk – the skinny, fresh-faced trio blend elements of both into seductive, skeletal, ice cold songs dripping in frustration and fury; a death disco soundtrack for the disenfranchised. A burning anger propels everything forward, a sense of unease constantly bubbling under the surface; it’s there in the dry, rattling drums, the tight, claustrophobic guitars, and the coiled, rumbling bass. Some tracks destroy everything in their path through sheer power, while others lurk and loiter, making you wonder what horrors lie in the shadows created by their neat interplay.

Powerful and thrilling, these are anthems for doomed youth, the Dark Side in musical form. The barking intensity and electro throb of their live shows have already gained them a sizable following, and for good reason; they’ve pulled off the rare trick of creating something that makes the past sound like the future, something that sounds like themselves. Don’t dance to the radio – dance to this.