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The Dark Rags

Punk, Rock / Griechenland (Athens)
The Dark Rags



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Johnny Thunders, The Barracudas


Garage punk

" In another life The Dark Rags would jam with The Ramones. "

Muddle garage and punk, then infuse some old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll. Stir and serve. That’s pretty much the concept behind The Dark Rags, who formed in May of 2010 in Athens, initially as a three piece consisting of DD (vocals, guitar), Sidny Sinz (bass) and L.A. (drums, percussion).

Influenced by 1960s garage and rock’n’roll, ‘70s New York punk and the garage revival scene of the ‘80s, the band delivers a bombastic sound. Soon after forming they presented their first EP, Drunken Angel. Soon after that, Tolis (guitar) joined the gang and within a year they released their self-titled debut album.

It’s nothing you’ve never heard of, but that’s not the point. Sometimes it’s like listening to a lost Ramones record; then there are songs that could’ve been written by The Vice Barons, while other would make The Swans envious. The band set out playing shows throughout Athens with numerous other local bands as well as venturing abroad, going on to share the stage with artists such as Mark Steiner. In 2012, the band released their two-track Underground CD and this was followed two years later by their second album, Paranoia Blues, which perfectly defined the band’s identity.

The Dark Rags’ ooze raw rock ‘n’ roll attitude and their music punches you right in the face as if saying, “eat this you filthy bastard! Oh, you like it, huh?” Yeah, you do…