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Úlfur Úlfur

Hip-hop / Island (Reykjavík)
Úlfur Úlfur


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New school rap

" Icelandic wolfpack rap "

Rap always found its frontiers marked down by languages. It’s hard to convince someone to listen to something that they can’t understand, especially when one of its main appeals is lyrics. But how the world has changed, for the past few years the world has been surrendering itself to vibes (read beats) and that perfectly justifies how Úlfur Úlfur have been able to take their music from Iceland to the rest of Europe, especially in the eastern zone.

How do they do it? Well the formula is expertly described in their bio: “Their songs span the whole spectrum but most of all they go hard.”. Their delivery and the way they throw themselves into their sound breaks language barriers and becomes instantly contagious. And well, by choosing a name like Úlfur Úlfur they really could do things no other way since the name translates to Wolf Wolf.

They won an Album of the Year Award at the Icelandic Listening Awards for their past release, Tvær Plánetur, in 2016, and released a new album, titled Hefnið Okkar, in 2017. As you can tell, this pack of two shows no signs of not going hard.
Woof woof.