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psychedelic, prog-rock

" Whereswilder’s blend of spacey '60s psych, trippy pop and stoner fuzziness creates an in-demand sound. "

Psychedelia’s endless appeal to musicians is unsurprising; there’s something alluring about this pioneering and adolescent spirit of 1960s rock music, but to Whereswilder it seems less of a genre than a sonic playground. During its inception, the genre itself was innovative and futuristic, defined by genius noises, wah-pedals and, most of all, cutting-edge technological ideas (and all that, more than 50 years ago — oh my!). Nowadays, if musicians want to make more than a blunt imitation, to offer something new than a pastiche of repetitive clichés, they need to take the forward-thinking character of psychedelia and create something new. Not an easy-peasy task, but Whereswilder seem to pull it off.

The quartet from Athens, Greece, who drew their name from the popular American game “Where is Waldo?”, made their psychedelic debut Yearling (Six D.O.G.S. Records) in 2015. The album was a success, making the band gain fans from all over Europe. Released on March 2017, via Inner Ear Records, Hotshot, with a goat’s head on the cover, made an even bigger splash with a punch that is less 60s psychedelic and more 70s fuzzy rock.

“I was trying to find my way but no one said it was that hard” they sing in “Ago”, a song that connects their two albums perfectly. In contrast to the lyrics, though, Whereswilder have no difficulty in finding their way. There’s something slick about their wistful melodies and their fuzzy energy that evokes the heartfelt music of the 60s, the boom of 70s and its genuine raw emotion; and Whereswilder is delving into the past in order to drag them into the future.