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Without Letters

Elektro, Rock / Litauen (Vilnius)
Without Letters



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“We aim to redefine how a band can sound when the guitar became a non-rebellious instrument”. That’s how Without Letters state their intent. One of the most interesting bands that Lithuania’s alternative scene can offer, this group of young musicians (in their early twenties) have been experimenting since around 2010. The first couple of internet-only singles created a considerable buzz online, despite the band later stating that they knew next to nothing about performing at that time.

Although it’s tough to describe the band’s ever-evolving sound, it’s been called math rock, psychedelic dance rock and post-rock during various stages of Without Letters’ career. It’s fair to say that they passionately try to deconstruct prevailing rock and electronic music trends, coming up with surprising results – some of their music echo channel the spirit of Pink Floyd and German krautrock, others wouldn’t sound out of place on a Battles record or a Tarantino soundtrack. Blissful guitar echoes are engaged in a sweaty orgy with disturbing electronic vibes and vocals that suggest something creepy is happening underneath it all.

Add a touch of philosophy (these guys can spend five minutes explaining the symbolism of each song title), and you’ll get something that’s difficult to pigeonhole, yet easy to get intrigued by. Quite a few music biz dudes and ladies already did – for instance, Bruno Roze (the boss of Latvia’s leading indie label I Love You Records) called Without Letters one of the best young bands he’s ever seen, they have performed at The Great Escape (U.K.), MENT (Slovenia), Positivus (Latvia), Tallinn Music Week (Estonia) and other important festivals.

Having shared the stage with the likes of Mount Kimbie, performed in front of 6000 people at an open air concert in Vilnius (as special guests of Lithuania’s biggest pop act Leon Somov & Jazzu), and nominated for the Best Alternative Act award in their home country, Without Letters keep on building their weird, wonderful and surprising profile. Not that they are prolific when it comes to recording. Self-titled EP (2014) was followed by Unfollow EP in 2016. The name of this latest release is ironic, of course. Without Letters ARE worth following.