Europavox On Air - line-up unveiled!

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Europavox On Air - line-up unveiled!

Europavox On Air 🔊Thursday, June 25th, from 6 p.m. to midnight!

🚀 This broadcast has been conceived as a great journey, faithful to Europavox’s DNA: a bridge between Europe and Auvergne, between the European scene and the regional scene, with a line-up gathering together 20 artists 👌

💥 Afrodelic (LT), Comme John (FR), Da Break (FR), DIVES (AT), Glauque (BE), GOLAN (RO), H.O.P.E [Collective] (FR/IT), ILLUSTRE (FR), JoyCut (IT), La Grande Chorale De La Coopé (FR), Marina Satti (GR), Morgane Imbeaud (FR), Romane Santarelli (FR), R R O B I N (FR), Suzane (FR), The Doug (FR), Thomas KAHN (FR), ŽEN (HR) 💥

 This exceptional program will be widely broadcast on social media, on Europavox’s Facebook pages (both festivals and media pages), as well as many partners. STAY TUNED.

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