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Scandinavian folk

" Guitar-driven, soft and melancholic folk music from Sweden. "

Adna Kadic’s music feels as cold as the Baltic at night, painted against a sombre landscape with stirring, heartfelt lyrics. The young Swedish singer’s emotionally-tinged songs bring the softly-voiced star to larger-than-life proportions through hallowed and crushing soliloquies to the night.  

Performed on the piano and guitar, Adna’s songs lead with the heart and are poignant and intensely moving. Originally from Gothenburg and now residing in Berlin, the Swedish singer racked up 20 million Spotify plays by the age of 21, with two full-length albums to her name, the latest of which, Run, Lucifer, was released on Despotz Records in 2015. With northern, Scandinavian candour and a subtle approach to song writing, Adna has understandably been compared to the likes of Bon Iver and Daughter. Her music portrays the openness that only a young, gifted songstress can, exposing an opaque world through her gentle, tender arrangements. 

Since the release of her debut LP Night, Adna’s melancholic approach to music has been causing a global sensation. Her follow-up Run, Lucifer embedded more electronic instrumentation into the honest and humble sound, creating a record that was more diverse and ultimately more grandiose. Adna is a strong talent with fervent wonder, making great things happen with what seems like so little. A third album, Closure, is expected in early 2017 and a first single, ‘Thoughts’, can be heard below.