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When 'Airy Met Fairy

Pop / Islande, Luxembourg (Luxembourg City)
When 'Airy Met Fairy



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Overwhelming melancholy

" If Roisin Murphy was the sister of Thor writing wonderful dark pop songs. "

Originally from Reykjavik, Iceland, songwriter and former contestant of The Voice (Germany), Thorunn Egilsdotti has led the charge with Luxembourg-based When ‘Airy Met Fairy since 2015. If you like Moloko for instance, the melancholic pop is for you.

This is, however, more of a project than a band they say, as they employ two more members, Runa Egilsdottir (artwork, videos & production) and Raphael Kindig (video production) to visualise and create soundbites for their songs. There is a musical journey that they embark on and not collectively bound by overwhelming pressures of group compromise.



From Eurosonic to the rooftops of Tokyo, they have played more than a few of countries and festivals. 1 2 3 magic! is their debut album that has catapulted them onto the radars of many media.

Completing the trio, Mike Koster (synth & bass) and Thomas Copier (drummer) are as essential as Thorunn of course. The band have been known to enjoy a good bottle of wine at the house belonging to drummer, Thomas, in Nancy, France. Perhaps a structure that allows them to get to delve deeper with their lyrics and melodies.

Tracks such as ‘Intoxicated’ do exactly as they suggest, making it quite easy to swell on the charms and tempo.