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Downbeat folkcore

" Europe’s new queen of melancholic folk pop "

Sometimes, a star can appear as if from nowhere. So it was in 2015, when the young singer songwriter AVEC released her debut EP, Heartbeats. The response was immediate. Extensive radio airplay, demand for shows, and a nomination for Artist of the Year at the Amadeus Austrian Music Awards. Over two million streams of “Granny” merely confirmed her popularity, and she hasn’t looked back since, racking up prestigious slots all over Europe and winning a Music Moves Europe Talent Award in January 2019.

The key to her appeal lies in her minimalistic, affecting pop. Keeping her real name a secret, she’s focused attention on her music and the semi-autobiographical lyrics; melancholic yet hopeful, she dissects emotions and dives into the rich subplots of life, frequently re-surfacing with nuggets of wisdom and lessons learned the hard way. Her raw voice is the perfect vehicle for all this, a delicate instrument that conveys fragility and vulnerability, and lends her songs a haunting feel. Yet recent album Heaven / Hell is by no means a sad listen; at times sounding like Lorde, at others like Bon Iver, it’s an intoxicating blend of modern, heartfelt pop.

As AVEC has grown – both personally and musically – so too has her audience. “I see things in a different light,” she says of her career so far and her new found confidence both in the studio and on stage. At 23, she’s just getting started; this is one star that seems unlikely to fade anytime soon.