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" Pop dreamer floating in melancholy. "

If Brian Wilson had grown up listening to My Bloody Valentine albums, he would have been a member of Baywaves. They’re the group that played on Laura Palmer’s walkman when she died in Twin Peaks. Young and cheeky, the courageous and inspired members of Baywaves want you to dream of their music and imagine a better future. Their music oscillates between dream and reality, between portions of fiction and alternative realities, in a musical world that seems written by Aldous Huxley.

Hailing from the north of Spain and the idyllic coasts of Vanuatu, Baywaves were born as a duo, then moved to Madrid, where they became a quartet. As such, they grabbed the attention of the international media with their first single ‘The Freak Kingdom’, which was featured in blogs all over the world – the USA, Australia, the UK, France, Japan …

Perverting the C-86 scene and reinventing shoegaze, Baywaves quickly created a new musical genre, hypnopop. The band was also selected by Converse for the Make Noise contest and reached the final stage of the FIB Benicassim Festival competition for new bands, meanwhile debuting their new audio-visual show. They’re Dream Pop with capital letters, a label that perfectly sums up the mellow melodies and deliciously psychedelic developments that they set down, following paths other bands can’t imagine. They serve up quiet and relaxed psychedelia, perfect examples of self-published acid and floating pop.