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Freezing electro

" The strength of the sibling duo lies in their chilly beats "

Bulp began as the solo project of Samo Štefanec, but after releasing his first EP, Endian, his sister Jana (vocals) joined as an equal member. The strength of the sibling duo lies in their ability to create a sensation of time being stopped almost literally by their freezing beats and matching icy vocals. Their music’s mostly unpredictable but their sincere approach has the capacity to melt your heart. 

Without doubt, 2015 was a breakthrough year for Bulp, not only because of the aforementioned EP, but also because they received a national music award as ‘newcomers of the year’. 2016 saw them play for audiences at Liverpool Sound City and United Islands in Prague, and this year marked the release of their debut LP. The title – Yrsa – is Icelandic and it evokes those shivering atmospherics alongside the curiosity of discovery, which can also be found within Bulp’s enchanting sound. 

As a two-piece, Bulp make the most of their instruments and their show is a tasty music experience. Jana and Samo share vocal duties and although the tracks might appear soft at first, you never know when a lightning bolt will strike. In short, the best way to realise the power of Bulp is to see them live.