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Cloud R&B, Eletronic Folk

" Dive deep into a world where ethereal r&b meets folk "

Silesia is known for its coal mines. It also is the birthplace of Coals, Katarzyna Kowalczyk and Łukasz Rozmyslowski’s musical project. Created in 2014, the duo met through the Internet while looking for someone to complement their approach to music: Katarzyna was searching for a producer, Lukasz wanted to find a singer for his productions. What started off as a one-song experiment quickly turned into a project of home recorded tracks that started to bring them followers from all around the world. Just as they met through the Internet, they found new ears through it as well.

After releasing their Homework EP, the band was quickly recognized and booked for a slew of festivals like Iceland Airwaves, Positivus Festival, Reeperbahn Festival, LOFTAS, Tune In Tel Aviv, BUSH Budapest, and even got booked to play for Seattle’s radio KEXP twice. In 2017, they presented their debut LP, Tamagotchi, an album with a heavier beat infused sound that explores the elusive theme of childhood.

The name of the band carries a lot more than a simple tongue-in-cheek reference to Silesia. Coals represents history, since both band members have family that worked in the mines. Digging deep into an ambient world, Katarzyna’s voice has space to spread itself over productions creating this ethereal and intimate feel throughout their discography, while the live instruments that Łukasz uses bring an earthiness to the band’s sound.