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Fresh multivitamin Pop

" Ben and Alex are fearless in their pursuit of pop music "

Alex D’Alva Teixeira had a solo project. Ben Monteiro had been involved in the production of his first EP, Não é um projecto, but then their collaboration became something bigger.  Becoming a duo, they adopted the name D’Alva and took their fresh attitude on to make a dent on Portugal’s pop panorama.

Monteiro describes the project as being like a Tumblr. The collage of different influences that seem unrelated creates a sort of meta-identity. D’Alva has adopted the pop umbrella to create songs that are instantly recognisable while having room to mix other genres into their tracks and create fresh surprises at every turn. Their visuals are also one of their strong suits, working hard to create videos that are fun, different and bring something new to the table, with a good case in point being ‘L.L.S.’.

#batequebate is their first studio album. A fun voyage that takes us through the 1980s and ‘90s, all spun through a modern perspective. Both Teixeira and Monteiro have Brazilian mothers and African fathers, which reflects perfectly how their sound effortlessly blends so many influences into one cohesive project.

In Portugal, pop is always viewed with some distaste by many. So, D’Alva decided that the punk-rock attitude would be to go pop with no fear of the consequences and throw themselves headfirst into making songs. With their acceptance both by industry and audience, one could say their gamble paid off.