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Heart-warming electronic music with elements of R&B and hip-hop.

" Heart-warming electro by one of the most talented Polish producers. "

For several years, Pawel Krygier aka Duit has been considered one of the most talented Polish producers. While working on his debut, he also cooperated with many other Polish artists. Consequently, he has developed a reputation for delivering great melodies in electronic, R&B and hip-hop music.

He released his debut album Now I’m Here in 2016, reaffirming the belief that he’s an excellent producer. He invited some of the best Polish vocalists, including Dawid Podsiadlo and Rosalie, and produced marvellous recordings for them. Now I’m Here is an album recorded with a big heart and offering no shelter to insensitive sounds.

The emotions one finds in Duit’s music bring to mind Bonobo, Lapalux or Ta-ku. From his viewpoint, electronic music seems to be a combination of broken beats, full of freshness and engaging harmonies. His club-oriented style doesn’t interfere with his pop compositions, which can easily reach a broad audience.