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Emilie Zoé

Rock / Suisse (Neuchâtel)
Emilie Zoé


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Visceral, dark rock

" A Swiss singer-songwriter with lo-fi guitar sounds "

Ever since childhood, Emilie Zoé has wanted to tell stories by playing music and singing. Her dreams came true. She started taking guitar lessons, and then took her own path as a teenager with an electric guitar. This self-taught musician has always listened to English-speaking artists, so takes after them, stepping away from her mother tongue in producing her music – Emilie Zoé was born and raised in Neuchâtel, in the French-speaking region of Switzerland. Her debut album, Empty, made up of six songs, was released in 2013. She wrote it alone and was also in charge of the production and the artwork. Empty was followed by two other albums: Dead-End Tape (2016) and The Very Start (2018), both on Hummus Records.

These days, Emilie Zoé shares the stage with her best friend and roommate Nicolas Pittet, on drums. Raw, passionate and intense, their lo-fi sound is composed of dark guitars, biting rhythms and an emotional female vocal. In 2019, Emilie Zoé got a well-deserved Swiss Music Award, played several European festivals (including The Great Escape in Brighton, and Paléo Festival in Switzerland) and supported Shannon Wright and Jay-Jay Johanson.

She has also been adapting her music to various art forms for a few years, writing songs for plays, TV shows, movie soundtracks and readings. Her next project is a collaborative one: with Christian Garcia-Gaucher, she co-wrote Pigeons, an album initially imagined as an alternative soundtrack to Roy Andersson’s movie “A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence”.