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En Attendant Ana

Pop / France (Paris)
En Attendant Ana
En Attendant Ana



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Subtle indie-pop

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En Attendant Ana seem to enjoy swimming against the tide: releasing their second album, entitled Juillet (the French word for the month of July), in the middle of winter, refusing the clinical sounds of modern technology, following their intuition instead of copying what’s trendy… These Parisians (two young women and three boys) are much more interested in finding new melodies and making delicate soundscapes than getting new followers and more ‘likes’ on their social media. Both their music and their approach are extremely refreshing. And yet, they are not afraid to make reference to their ancestors, for instance the C86 scene (The Shop Assistants, The Pastels…).

Formed in 2014, En Attendant Ana started releasing their first songs in 2016 on a cassette (yes, you read that right) called ‘Songs From The Cave’. Full of jangly guitars and bittersweet vocals, these lo-fi demos had the charm of their heroes, such as The Velvet Underground or Electrelane. Two years later, their first album, ‘Lost And Found’, confirmed that they had a bright future ahead of them, and they were recruited by the American label Trouble in Mind Records. After a long tour in Europe and in the US, the five musicians recorded, in a just single week, the ten songs that were to make up Juillet. In doing so they added new features to their sound: a more sophisticated and delicate production, some trumpets, and some dream-pop passages, for example. Its release in January 2020 was a well-deserved success. They cannot wait to resume touring as soon as music venues reopen. We will be there, in the front row.