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Electro / Slovaquie (Dubnica nad Váhom)



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Nature meets electro

" However cold the music may sound, it's still absolutely prevailing . "

What happens when you take a folklore musician and a current sound of electronic music? Let’s be honest, anything can happen but if you take Fallgrapp’s Jureš Líška and all his musical experience, we should be thankful for his energy to transform it to two wonderful albums.

Fallgrapp debuted in 2014 with a colourful album Rieka (River). Colourful in a sense of ideas, moods and sounds, because most of the time you listen to their music, one can only think of blue, grey and silver. The whole atmsphere is foggy (as the title of their 2017’s album V hmle), a little shrouded but also strengthened by a steamy vocal of Nora Ibsenová. After the succes of their debut it was said that Slovak language has never felt sexier. Very often using Slovak might be tricky but in Fallgrapp’s case the language fits perfecty and you can feel lyrics come out of the deepest inner self.

However cold their music may sound, it’s still absolutely prevailing. Watching the band live will soak you in even if you didn’t want to get all dreamy. Well, its usually eight of them on stage, a strong team playing music inspired by folklore as well as raching far distances and travelling experience of Jureš as the heart of the project.