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Flèche Love

Electro, Hip-hop / Suisse (Geneva)
Flèche Love


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" Kadebostany's singer Amina Cadelli goes solo: the future's hers. "

Millions of views on YouTube and hundreds of gigs around Europe: when she joined Kadebostany in 2011, singer Amina Cadelli catapulted herself into the spotlight. Her smoky voice and strong personality quickly become an intrinsic part of the electro-pop act and doubtlessly helped the act to achieve success with the singles ‘Walking With a Ghost’ and ‘Castle in the Snow’, with the latter track being famously remixed by The Avener.

But it wasn’t all plain sailing: pressure, artistic limitations, diverging values. After four years of intense touring, Amina decided to quit. She had a precise idea in mind: to take control of her career and regain musical independence. Since then, she sings and composes as Flèche Love, her very first solo project.

Not much has been revealed yet, though, because The 26-year-old musician is keeping everything under wraps for the moment. Well, almost everything – a single song has been posted on YouTube. It’s called ‘Clouds’ and was a collaboration between Amina and the young French pop composer Kazy Lambist. With its strong beats, synth strings and vocals alternating between rapping and singing, the track is powerful and intriguing.

This is the beginning of a long series of collaborations that the singer-songwriter will put out regularly during the year. She’s working on her debut album, too, and promises to play live again in 2017. Amina may be a former member of a successful act, but Flèche Love is undoubtedly a promising newcomer.

The French electro genius Rone probably agrees: he produced Flèche Love’s fascinating, strong and tortuous new song, ‘Umusuna’, released in June 2017. Flèche Love’s promises are already kept -and there much, much, much more to come from the young Swiss.