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Frankie Animal

Folk, Punk, Traditional / Estonie (Tallinn)
Frankie Animal


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Psychedelic grunge folk

" Frankie Animal's raw rock style wins the battle of the sexes "

There’s a sweet spot the Estonian three-piece rock group Frankie Animal hits between psychedelic grunge and folk rock, underscoring their core “girls versus boys” sound aesthetic. Frankie Animal’s self-described clash between feminine and masculine has caught the attention of the famed Eurosonic Noorderslag Festival in the Netherlands, Positivus Festival in Latvia, Waves Vienna Festival in Austria, Tallinn Music Week in Estonia, and media outlets like MTV Iggy and Clash Magazine.

Frankie Animal’s style, defined by pure rock and roll without any fringes, doesn’t hold back any punches. The musically-confident group packs a lot into their recorded material. With their 2014 Obsession EP debut, the band has created momentum and have since followed up with 2016’s The Backbeat LP and other recent singles and albums in the works. 2018’s “Funny” single hints at a new avant-garde path for the group with electro elements. Its sound is reminiscent of Seattle, Washington’s The Blow and shows the group’s sonic diversity.

Lead by vocalist Marie M. Vaigla, Frankie Animal is also comprised of Jonas Kaarnamets (guitar), and Jan-Christopher Soovik (bass). While the female to male ratio is slightly uneven, Marie’s high energy makes up for it. Her seemingly soft voice comes through will full force, leveling each track. Frankie Animal have been compared to the White Stripes, Feist, and also include elements from Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Mumford and Sons. At the core of Frankie Animal, American folk can be heard, even in their most recent works; however, the progressive group from Tallinn keeps their sound modern and approachable.