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Rock / Slovaquie (Vranov nad Topl’ou)



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Alternative pop, Space rock

" Unpredictable indie youngsters who find darkness in the sunlight. "

Everyone’s aware of youthful doubts but only a few can convert them into an art form. You need to retain some of that innocence, while all involved need to feel like they’re kindred spirits.

The four members of Frequency got together in 2011 and have been playing together since then. They introduced themselves to the Slovak music scene with Red’O’Metry, a six-track EP which includes several nods towards one of their early influences, Muse.

Frequency released their debut LP, Moon Starer, in 2015, with the title hinting at a dreamier, spacier sound. The ease with which the group made this switch pleasantly surprising: one minute you’re getting blown away by melodic synths, the next it’s almost Thom Yorke-esque with blurred vocals and disturbing aesthetics. Overall, it’s upbeat, retro indie but the band have promised something a little more puzzling and distorted on the follow-up record.

Still one of the youngest and most appreciated current bands from eastern Slovakia, Frequency combine their naive sound with elements of post-rock and metaphysical elements in their lyrics. You certainly won’t find traces of Tame Impala, Unknown Mortal Orchestra or Temples in Frequency’s music. Of course you may fail to notice this while distracted by other strokes of ingenuity, such as their video for ‘Bauhaus’.