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Electro / Suède (Malmö)



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Missy Elliott, MC Lyte


Dance, avant r&b

" Fierce feminine energy. "

Straight from the future’s superclubs to our ears, Gnučči’s music is an electronic smorgasbord of hip-hop spits and (bom)bass(tic) beats made by the fierce feminine energy of Ana Rab, the woman behind the persona. Originally from Yugoslavia, she moved to Sweden when she was five because of the Yugoslav Wars. Nowadays, she owns her own label, directs her own creativity, writes her own songs, manages herself and produces all her videos.

Since 2012, Gnučči has released a handful of EPs which introduced us to her fusion of pop, dancehall, electronic and even balkan rhythms. Her infectious vocals and rapid-fire rhyme triplets and quatrains spew forth. “Finders Keepers” is about legitimate theft, “I Can Be That” is about being everything you pretend to be and “WORK!” is about consumerism. Apart from her lyrical skills, her bizarre costumes and off-the-wall attitude conjure a totally mainstream and extravagant version of Missy Elliot.

In 2017, Gnučči released her stylistically DIY-varied debut album You Good I’m Good Let’s Be Great, which pushed dance and contemporary rap to absolutely weird and somehow euphoric heights. This is probably the next decade’s bass-oriented rap music from a very interesting (and almost extraterrestrial!) musical persona as a celebration of multi-cultural pride, in a language that no one can misunderstand.