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Improvised and plain fun techno

" Modular synthesizer wizard "

Leoš Hort is HRTL. A musician that mapped his beginning from the sound of post-witch house and that influence drew him closer to the repeating rhythms of the 4 on the floor beat, while starting to mess around with dense atmospheres and unpredictable structures. Oh, all of this on hardware synthesizers with which he builds every performance and record he puts out. Are you missing some 80s house? Do you want to listen to some bright techno? HRTL is the modular synthesizer wizard for the job.

Hardly one to sit still, he is one of the founders of Bükko Tapes, a cassette record label; he is also a pusher for the DIY electronic culture by being part of the Bastl Instruments collective, which builds hand-made open-source music hardware.

His records are built through hardware synths and are improvised to record. The first, an EP by the title of Hydroxid, was released in 2014, the second a LP titled Dataloss, was released in 2015 and won Best Electronic Music Record of 2015 by the Czech Academy of Popular Music — both edited by Bükko Tapes. Now, in 2017, the artist released another LP, Yellow Mellow (Nona Records), a brighter and more experimental record from the Czech producer.

If you have a chance to see HRTL play live, make the proper arrangements and go. This is an artist that was born to perform and you’ll want to see him bring along a small part of his laboratory of synths with him. No performance is the same when you are improvising with circuits and analog machinery, and one can feel his personality ringing through the machines that surround him and that he masterfully manipulates.