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Indytronics (INDT)

Pop / Ukraine (Kiev)
Indytronics (INDT)


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Summer Pop

" The woozy, late afternoon groove of a perfect summer day "

Think of “6am sunset music” and what do you hear? Some light, tropical indie? Spry guitars and synth washes that sound like the ocean gently lapping at pristine white sand? An upbeat, heady vibe? All of that and more can be heard in Indietronics’ – styled as INDT – “Alien Sun”, the video for which was filmed mostly in Barcelona. It’s a breezy, carefree listen, perfectly pitched to be an indie anthem for lazy, summer days and teenage holidays of discovery.

Such blissed-out sounds are a far cry from the Ukrainian five-piece’s debut Scintilla Wave, a record that hewed much closer to their indie-rock and post-punk roots. But the mellower vibe suits them better – they are, as they themselves describe their current incarnation, “musical expeditors of the sun and foggy mountains, sand savannas and oceans, who see beautiful in simple things.” Winners of several prestigious competitions in their homeland, they’ve started to spread their wings and tour Europe to much acclaim. Unsurprisingly, they’ve also been a hit at several summer festivals.

Elements of psychedelic pop sit alongside the tropical vibes of their new direction, but one thing they haven’t forgotten are two of indie pop’s golden rules; make it fun, and make it catchy. And in that, Indietronics sound like exactly what they are – five friends larking around having the time of their lives. Even experimenting with hip hop – Wavy Dem guests on the lush, laid-back “Barcelona” – sounds utterly natural to them, the results as perfect as that 6am sunset feeling.