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John Grvy

Electro, Groove / Espagne (Madrid)
John Grvy



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Deep cosmopolitan soul

" The perfect fusion between aged soul and the most up-to-date electronic music. "

Behind the enigmatic name of John Grvy hides J. E. Edward, a charismatic young man from Madrid with African roots. The elegant producer and mysterious 21st century crooner blends rich, velvety electronic music with contemporary R&B and synthesizers, much like a sophisticated bartender, in a clear example of post-soul.

Sexual tension, emotions and an especially blatant narrative rhetoric, which imbues his music with very deep and meaningful lyrics – John Grvy’s growing to new, unexpected heights, and he’s currently one of the crown jewels of the Spanish electronic music scene. He’s performed at the biggest national festivals, including Sonar Festival, FIB Benicassim, Kutxa Kultur Festibala and Bilbao BBK, and little by little he’s been extending his musical grasp across Europe. After releasing his addictive EP 199X, he was invited to venues in Paris and London, as well as numerous festivals, such as the Eurosonic and Sonar Reykjavik. And, soon, the Festival Europavox in Clermont-Ferrand.

To record his second EP, he travelled to Los Angeles, bringing his talent to the Red Bull Studios, where he’s been shaping his collection of songs – songs that are even more daring and powerful than his output so far. And, as those who have been lucky enough to catch him live, his performances are red hot fire.