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Post-rock dark-wave

" The sound of a future where machines and human live in harmony "

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There can’t be many bands inspired by José Mourinho to release a fifteen-track concept album split into three “sections”, but then Italy’s JoyCut are not your average band. They’ve been around a while – 2007 to be precise – but it was 2013 album PiecesOfUsWereLeftOnTheGround that really marked them out as a special talent. Exploring the concept of “passage”, deconstructing the precepts of human behavior in “events and destiny”, and tackling themes of “memory and future” are the three suites the album is arranged around – heavy topics to confront in one’s art, but ones that have proved fertile ground for the Bologna-based trio.

Their songs are a heady mix of industrial drones, post-rock guitars, and dark-wave synths. Some are short but sweet, dynamic blasts of rhythm and texture, while others are sprawling soundscapes that stretch out past the horizon and the sky. Their skill lies into blending all this into a seamless whole, and despite being distinctly electronic in nature, there’s a very human heart beating at the centre of it all, an unmistakable organic warmth that softens the edges; not for them the cold, metallic sheen and dystopian visions employed by many of their peers.

Live, they put on quite the show – two drummers facing each other, a conductor of electronic wizardry sandwiched between them – and have already wowed audiences at festivals around Europe and at SXSW. With a new album is due in late 2018, they’ve chosen the perfect time to inspire hope, not dread, about our machine-dominated future and humanity’s place within it.

NEW RELEASE – April 2nd, 2020