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Aggressive, street-worn, German rap

" SXTN split up and become twice as good "

One half of now-defunct controversial Berlin, all-female rap duo SXTN, Juju is now going it alone. Along with Nura, Juju (a.k.a. Judith Wessendor) put radio disc-jockeys on alert with her expletive filled, street-politics. Still with all the bad-mouthing, foul language and rap-vernacular, Juju’s forthcoming debut, Bling, Bling, is a cross between in-your-face hard hip hop, and softer melodic melodies. Throughout Juju never shies away from letting you know she’s from Berlin — and that she’s nothing to mess with.

Opinionated and raw, and totally loving the odd-jazz cigarette (or kiffer as the Germans like to call it), Juju is becoming the go-to collaborator in today’s huge, German rap scene. She recently featured on Capital Bra’s “Melodien”, and also worked with Said. It’s her new single “Winter in Berlin” that’s getting everyone’s attention though. Like the winter’s themselves, the track is bleak with moments of melancholy, where Juju adds this brief reprieves of honesty and warmth. The winter’s may be dark, and cold, but like Berlin, they belong to her — and that’s what’s important. It’s a gunshot to all the hipsters out there, to remind you that Berlin rap owns the city.

To date, there’s almost no-festival stage that Juju hasn’t trodden — and with a German tour lined up for later this year, she will soon share her “winter in Berlin” accolades with the rest of the country. Many have already asked, can she go it alone after SXTN. As if that question even deserves as answer.