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Juliette Armanet

Pop / France (Lille)
Juliette Armanet



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Véronique Sanson, William Sheller, Michel Berger


Bright, piano-based pop

" Elegant, romantic melodies from a French singer-songwriter "

Juliette Armanet is a thirty-something French woman who sings and writes her own songs. She was born in Lille and grew up in the suburbs of Paris. Her parents passed on their love for music (especially pianos) and books to their daughter. She became a journalist, working mostly for documentaries. In 2014, she released her first song online, “L’amour en solitaire”, which deservedly drew attention to her entrancing melodies, sung in French in an elegant voice. An EP titled Cavalier seule followed two years later. The buzz kept building until she finally released her first album, Petite Amie, in 2017, with a sleeve design by the French artist Théo Mercier. At the last Victoires de la Musique ceremony (the French equivalent of the Grammys or the Brit awards), her album won the Best newcomer award. She has now become one of the most interesting female voices in the new French scene.

Singing about loneliness, melancholy and disappointed love, Juliette Armanet is completely at ease with showing her influences: Véronique Sanson, William Sheller, Michel Berger, Alain Souchon and Barbara are amongst the artists who spring to mind, i.e. the elite of French chanson, mixing perfect melodies with refined lyrics. Just like her heroes, Juliette Armanet adds a whole new level to her songs when she plays them live, sitting behind her grand piano or standing with the microphone in her hand. No wonder she often plays sold out shows: instead of replicating the album versions, her joyful energy and her sense of humour pleasantly shake up her music.