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Tame Impala, MGMT, Dandy Warhols


Electro-psychedelia, alternative pop-rock

" Odd, fun and ingenious psych-electro magic tricks! "

It was in 2013 that Moodoïd released their self-titled EP, mixed by Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker. It was a wonderful collaboration mainly because Moodoïd’s ambitious frontman and creative brain, Pablo Padovani, shares two important things with Kevin: a common hate of pure revivalism and a common love of odd 60s references with songs draped in modern electronics and slathered in digital noise. Since then, Moodoïd have officially started their flamboyant musical trip.

Their debut album, Le Monde Möö (2014), was a poptastic glitterball, a bold and yet ingenious creation that fused everything from funk to jazz and swirling psych with intense theatrics and abrasive sound, while heightening Pablo Padovani’s unpredictable character as a frontman and songwriter. The album also featured a bunch of guests, including Gong, Nicolas Vernhes (Animal Collective) and Pablo’s dad Jean-Marc Padovani, a renowned jazz saxophonist.

Their latest release, Cité Champagne (2018), is glossier that their previous work but still moves on mesmerizingly weird tracks. The songs shift towards the 70s, with exotica (“Kasbah”), before nodding to the 80s with nu-disco (“Reptile”) and colourful synth-pop (“Langage”) melodies. Even with a more commercial approach, their music remains absurd and yet enveloping — a mind-expanding trip!