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Our Next Movement

Rock / Espagne (Valencia)
Our Next Movement



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Post-rock with added beauty.

" When hardcore crashes a post-rock party. "

Valencian band Our Next Movement started perfecting their melodic post- and math rock back in 2010. Following an EP in 2014, they released their first full-length, 119, back in November 2016 through Aloud Music, a record company from Barcelona. It was partly financed by a crowdfunding campaign.

Slowly cooking up their first album was a smart move, and today, the band is one of the best post-rock bands in Spain at the moment, travelling all over Europe.

Let’s be honest here: post-rock can be dull. The quartet known as Our Next Movement is not, and that’s mainly because their influences range from all over. The lingering beauty of their sound is definitely post-rock, but Our Next Movement is also part math rock and even part punk and hardcore. The beauty is sometimes interrupted by screaming vocals, like in the song ‘Ihan Kaunis’, which makes their sound much more interesting than your normal post-rock band.

The energy the group emits from the stage is something else as well. Spain seems to be filled with bands that take influences from great post-rock bands like Mogwai and Do Make Say Think. What’s different about Our Next Movement is that when you see them live, the atmosphere isn’t that far from a hardcore concert. If anything, Our Next Movement is a band you should definitely see live.