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Gender bending electronica

" Let’s dance for a brighter future to the cosmic sound of OY, one of the best Swiss electronica acts right now. "

A space opera made of finely crafted electronica: this is the content of Space Diaspora, the third album of Swiss-German avant-garde duo OY. Created by vocalist/musician Joy Frempong and drummer/producer Lleluja-Ha, the duo have come back from the future with their incomparable mix of vocal loops, beats and synths – a fine concoction of highly danceable pop, hip-hop and electro that the two musicians have developed over the years.

Throughout the record’s 16 tracks, Joy tells us the story of mankind’s prosperous future on a distant planet. It’s called Space Diaspora, a place where humans finally develop the ability to learn from their mistakes – a counterpoint to the present, which the frontwoman pictures with humor and optimism, inspired by some of the great leaders of Afrofuturism such as George Clinton and Sun Ra. “This record is an ode to people who want to move, an invite to forget about fear and use imagination to travel far away”, she explains.

On stage, OY presents a powerful and futuristic live show, right at the frontier of artistic performance. Since the release of Space Diaspora, they’ve toured Switzerland, France, Germany and Italy, and will continue playing in these four countries until the end of summer. Let’s dance with them for a brighter future!