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Petit Biscuit

Electro / France (Rouen)
Petit Biscuit


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Multi-textured electro

" A sorcerer’s apprentice in electronic music "


Petit Biscuit caused a stir back in 2016 when he released his first self-titled EP, inspired by Bonobo and Flume, with the hit song “Sunset Lover”. At that time, at only 16 years old, he was making music from his bedroom, at his parents’ house in Rouen, Normandy. To his high school friends and teachers, he was Mehdi Benjelloun, a freckled, humble student specializing in scientific disciplines. To the rest of the world, this gifted teenager instantly became one of the best up-and-coming artists in electronic music. He started touring in huge venues, remixing other artists (Hayden James, Zedd featuring Alessia Cara) and recording his first album, while he was still preparing for his final exams. He clearly found the perfect balance: he even passed his “Baccalauréat” with distinction in July 2017. A few months later, Presence, his first album, was finally released on November 10. That same day, Petit Biscuit turned 18.


2018 is a very busy year for this endearing young artist. Last September, he started studying applied mathematics at the prestigious Dauphine University in Paris, but had to give up after a few months because music was taking up most of his time. Now he can focus on music and his days are still action-packed. During his new world tour, he will play a lot of festivals (including the star-studded Coachella, in the U.S.). We will have many opportunities to hear his delicate, intricate melodies, which he wrote and produced with impressive skills and imagination.