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Folk, Pop / Pays-Bas (Amsterdam)



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Pixie folk

" Arresting, intelligently crafted folk-pop "

Sometimes, the best music is created from the barest of elements. A stark beauty, shorn of embellishments and tricks, where one’s voice, one’s instrument, and one’s words are left to stand on their own, to carry all the emotion, nuance, and meaning. Not many are capable of such simplicity, but rising Dutch artist Pitou is; just a few haunting notes are enough to convince that she’s a star in waiting, possessor of a rare voice and extraordinary songcraft.

And it’s not just on record she delights; from Eurosonic to the Great Escape, 2018 has seen Pitou win the hearts and minds of audiences all across Europe with her captivating, intelligent folk-pop. Her arresting vocals are just the start — many can sing, but Pitou weaves the full spectrum of human emotions into heartfelt, cleverly constructed songs that are as spectral as they are affecting. Sometimes, she relies on her voice alone; layered, looped, she sounds like an angel singing from another dimension, deconstructing the human condition.

“Spellbinding”; “heavenly”; “unique”. The adjectives that have been deployed to describe her music are as numerous as they are effusive. And as her fingers dance across her guitar strings, it’s easy to be mesmerized — whether viewing the world through the prism of alcohol (“Give Me A Glass”), dealing with self-doubt (“Be Delicate”), or the wonders of new love (“Debt Of A Lover”), her songs flutter and float like a cloud, slowly coalescing into grand shapes and forms. Sometimes, as Pitou proves, less really can be more.