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" Laugh-at-yourself pop "

Picture a lonely man sitting in his apartment. In it, he dances, rambles, sings, films himself all while wearing a pyjama from his long and prized collection. Machines build up these deceptively simple, repetitive songs that will quickly draw a smile from you and soon dig their way into your ear. Prepare yourself, as you might find yourself humming PZ’s hooks for the rest of the day.

It all feels like a more musical version of Home Alone, right? PZ insists in keeping all his productions to himself, calling himself “selfish” and might even wake up at 3am to film his own clips. Though he has sporadically worked with other producers, like dB of Conjunto Corona, he rarely lets too many people inside his home albums.

The singer and producer also has been known to act in his pyjamas so as to not feel the least bit uncomfortable in front of the crowd. But there is more to the act than just an easy laugh: His lyrics rapidly go from nonsense jokes to straight ironic or sarcastic comments about society and, for example, its thorough addiction to technology which slowly robs every one of its time to treat other people with due care and time. And that is exactly what his latest album, Império Auto-Mano, is all about.