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Pop, Rock / Suisse (Geneva)



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Franz Ferdinand, Coldplay, Daft Punk


Adult alternative pop-rock, electro pop

" A jolly mix of indie pop, art rock and dance music! "

It was during 2005 that French pop singer Yvan Franel formed Stevans as a vehicle to deliver his musical ideas. After three albums and a handful of singles, he certainly has proved that he has a way with equally sharp lyrics and hooks. His music is a jolly mix of indie pop, art rock and dance music, owing much to Franz Ferdinand’s enthralling indie rock and Daft Punk’s iconic dance-pop. 

Stevans has already released three solid LPs, from which we mostly remember and cherish the Oasis-inspired Britpop of “Monday’s Wedding”, the feel-good atmosphere of “In the Backyard” and the dance pop-throbbing “Diamond Rain”, just to name a few. To be clear, this does not mean they are a singles band due to any lack of amusement or inspiration. On the contrary, their whole system of fun-stylish poses and guitar stomps seems to work better in surprising three-minute blasts! While their new album, Renaissance, is due for release later this year, their fresh single “When the Light is Gone” is a laid-back, cheerful indie pop hit song showing once more that Stevan’s mastermind, Yvan Franel, is persistently resourceful. In his theatrical suave and high dynamic choruses lingers an evident knack for starting fires armed only with indie-pop panache.